About the role

We’re looking for a marketing and growth co-founder. This is an unpaid role as 1/3 of the co-founding team of Permapeople.

We don’t care if you don’t have specific marketing or growth experience, or if you don’t have big names on your CV. We’re just looking for someone who’s as passionate as we are and is committed to learning and growing with the organization.

Personal interests should include some of the following topics:

  • Regenerative action
  • Agriculture
  • Permaculture
  • Food systems
  • Growing community
  • Growing plants
  • Digital tools
  • Ecology
  • Open data
  • The commons
  • Appropriate technology
  • Climate science

Role expectations

One of your most important responsibilities will be helping to manage our community: You should expect to work across social media platforms to produce relevant content and stay connected to our community through discourse, polls, questions, etc. Gather and present relevant feedback.

You should be able to write well (or willing to learn), and know how to edit. You can use tools if you want, and we’re always willing to proof-read and edit. Educational and informative blog posts are a staple for our content creation.

You can expect to work closely with us and make decisions as a team. There is no hierarchy.

You should be ready to experiment with and plan growth strategies.

You should be committed to the long-term success of Permapeople!

You should be committed to around 20 hours per month. This is flexible, but we do want to see active participation and growth in this organization!

You should be able to sustain your income from other means. We’re not profitable. Yet.

You should be prepared to reach out and connect with other related organizations and platforms for cross-promotion and collaboration!

Who we are

We’re just two nerds who like to grow food and believe the world would be better off growing food in a descentralized and regenerative way. We’re skilled in technology and design and we believe we can grow this organization organically and without VC funding. We believe we can use regenerative permaculture design principles to support people growing more food to support their communities and regenerate local ecologies; both social and natural.

Why another co-founder?

Over the 18 months we’ve been working on this project we’ve had to wear a ton of hats. We’ve written code, we’ve built infrastructure, designed the platform, written articles, built community on social media, attended meetings and working groups for other projects, written proposals for and participated in various food related summits and programs.

In order to succeed as an organically grown organization, we know where we need help, and we recognize the importance of commitment and passion. We’ve realized our weak points and we want to improve on them. We’ve realized our strengths and we want to embrace them. We need help with marketing, growth and community building.

What’s in it for you?

We’re offering 33% of Permapeople to someone with the motivation and skills to help us with growth and marketing. 33% of the company, equity, revenue, etc. We are not currently profitable, but we believe we could be self-sustaining in the near future. We also believe in working freedom. This is a side project; there are no designated work hours, no mandatory meetings, no mandated vacations or holiday allowances.

The details

  • 33% equity in Permapeople
  • Equity directly tied to participation and commitment to the organization
  • 4 week trial period. Let’s make sure all parties are happy with the situation before we lock it in!
  • No salary offered (Ben pays to host the platform now. Thanks Ben!)

How to apply

Reach out to us through the Feedback button in the website, DM us on Twitter, or email us at hello at permapeople dot org.

If you made it this far, we really appreciate you taking the time. If you are interested in this role, or have any questions, please message us and we can set up a call.

Thank you, Simon & Ben