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Hang Jiao 3 "Solar Flare" (Chinese Space Pepper) Seeds

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Chicago, IL, USA

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Capsicum Annum 杭椒 ‘HangJiao3’ aka ‘Solar Flare’ ??? SHU

Hang Jiao 3 or HangJiao3 is an extremely rare variety of pepper which originally came from the Chinese space program. Several hundred seeds were germinated in space as part of an experiment to expose young plants to cosmic radiation. From that voyage, a number of new varieties of fruits and vegetables were developed. The effort was meant to increase food security by developing more resilient or prolific crops. This particular variety is known as the ‘Solar Flare’. Its taste and heat are similar to a thai chili but it is very large and can grow to be as much as a foot long.

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Looking for: c. baccatum or c. pubescens varieties looking for any peppers with some degree of cold hardiness