We are permapeople

We’re a small international team of creative folks inspired by permaculture, ecology, regenerative action and sustainability. We work out of our gardens in Germany and Canada.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower people to grow food to feed their families and local communities while regenerating the environment.

Our vision

We envision a post-capitalist future, where the public has taken back the food supply chain. Neighbours readily share seeds and distribute surplus. Regenerative urban agriculture is commonplace in the cities, and holistic thinking about the environment is common. Previously mono-cropped, desertified landscapes are planted with powerful perennials. Food is power.

Our values

Earth care
We respect the earth and work to regenerate it.

People care
We respect all humans and work towards equality for all.

Fair share care
We acknowledge that everything is connected, and work to give just as much as we take.

Our team


Benjamin Knofe

Development, architecture things, business stuff


Simon Gooder

Design, code things, community stuff


Christina Sanko

Communications, social things, community stuff