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Our mission

Permapeople's mission is to empower people to grow food to feed themselves, their families, and local communities while regenerating the environment.

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We like to think of Permapeople as a well-balanced ecosystem, where all input provides value for all other members of the system, whether directly or indirectly. More data means people growing plants successfully. More plants means happier earth. Happy earth = happy people. Provide edits, share images and plant info, or create profiles for missing plants.

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Running services is our most consistent cost, but we're working hard to grow the project, and we need your help. Any donations go towards server costs, organization services - like email and project management - and ideally towards paying one of our core members to take some time off their day job to contribute more directly to the project.

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Who is Permapeople?

We're a small international team of creative folks inspired by ecology, permaculture, food security, regenerative action and true sustainability. We work out of our gardens in Germany, Canada and Netherlands.

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Permaculture people you could know

A collaboration with Edible Acres and the community, highlighting interesting permaculture people you could (and should) know. It's a resourceful list of change-makers and thoughtful minds working to make the world a better/greener place.

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