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Research, grow, harvest, trade surplus, share knowledge, repeat.

Join for free to create lists to plan and organize your gardening projects, contribute your knowledge, or trade items in the marketplace.

Discover, search & collect plants

Use our expansive plant database to browse, search, learn, and make lists of all your favourite plants. If there’s something missing, feel free to add it using our flexible plant editor. It’s kind of like Wikipedia, but just for plants.

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Search the marketplace to find seeds, fresh-grown local produce or textiles, and connect with local producers in your area.

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Use the marketplace to sell, trade or barter your surplus - like seeds, vegetables, eggs, textiles, etc - and connect with interested buyers near you. Each account comes with its own marketplace page, so you can easily share your produce.

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Learn & practice permaculture

Access our resources to improve your knowledge, and learn new skills and techniques from the backyard farming community and practicing experts.

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Design your dream garden & log your plantings

Use your lists, and our plant database to pre-plan and design your gardens or guilds, keep track of plantings with our garden designer and guild-builder, and log your plants. Or, explore what other permaculture enthusiasts are designing.

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Our mission

To use our experience, passion, and expertise to facilitate people in their journey to an ecological-regenerative-permanent-culture-inspired-gardening-and-small-scale-farming-and-localized-post-capitalist-goods-production-revolution.

Start planting the future

A place for permaculturists, rewilders, agricultural rebels, gardeners, backyard farmers, homesteaders, horiticulturists or guerilla plant-slingers - to design a productive future while working with nature. One seed at a time.

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