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Hickory Cane Corn Seed

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Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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85-110 days. A pre-1875 Heirloom white dent corn originally grown by Native Americans in N. Florida and S. Georgia. Hickory Cane was prized across the mountainous South and into the Appalachians for roasting ears, creamed corn, grits, hominy, and particularly for white cornmeal, as well as fodder for animals. This variety is also used in Tennessee and Kentucky for making whiskey and bourbon, and historically, for strong, ol’ fashioned moonshine. Plants up to 15 ft. tall. Tight ears keep out ear worms. Large ears stay in the green milk “roasting ear” stage longer than most heirloom dents. This seed is sustainably produced and vegan/organic grown. Free seeds (my choice) with each seed packet ordered. Please add $5.00 for shipping costs per order of this seed. Thank You for your interest. (100+ seeds) SAVE & SHARE SEEDS!

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Looking for: 1. Oloton corn 2.Mexican heirloom corn seed (no hybrids)