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Marigold, French - "Colossus Red Gold Bicolor"

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New Mexico, USA

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Gorgeous, bi-color marigold gets covered in flowers. Deep red petals lined with gold - a real stunner. Almost everyone who saw them asked for seed.

Strong grower, reblooms when deadheaded or even heavily trimmed. (Plants can be trimmed midseason, and the cuttings used as fragrance masking for deterring hornworms, leaf-footed bugs, cucumber beetles, etc. Marigold will grow back and strongly rebloom.) About 12-15” tall.

Grown in the hot high desert SW, zone 8a, in marginally improved, very sandy clay using permaculture and organic, low-nitrogen methods.

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Open for trade

Looking for: Interested in plants/seeds that can grow in zone 8a, preferably. Especially plants for desert or hot regions. Interested in all sorts of plants useful in permaculture, unusual legumes and other nitrogen fixers, fragrant plants, heat tolerant veggies, and native SW plants.