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Moonlight Mile Tomato Seeds

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Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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Moonlight Mile is a regular leaf, variegated, indeterminate plant that produces deep raspberry, blunted heart shaped fruits with impactful forest green broken stripes. It is the chosen namesake segregate out of breeder Blane Horton’s “Moonlight Mile Project”, in which he crossed Faelan’s First Snow, a purple beefsteak on variegated regular leaf plants with Karson’s First, a pink striped fruit on variegated potato leaf plants. Yes both parent lines are variegated, delivering a double dose of variegated splash to this beautiful line! Moonlight Mile is quite unlike any other tomato variety on the market, as it combines the aesthetic beauty of both variegated plants and striated fruit that demand to be the spotlight of your garden, along with high production and masterfully selected deep tomato flavors. Sustainably produced vegan/organic grown, heirloom/O-P, zero pesticides/herbicides seed. Free seeds (my choice) with each seed packet ordered. Thank You for your interest. (30+ seeds)

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Looking for: any of these tomato varieties: 1. Black Ethiopian 2. Beauty 3. Big White Pink Stripe 4. Boondocks 5. Ceylon