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Spotted Bee Balm/Horsemint - Monarda punctata

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New Mexico, USA

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Very heat tolerant! Unusual, striking bee balm where the leaf bracts have most of the color - similar to lemon beebalm in this way. The actual flower portions are tan with brown spots. Attracts tons of pollinators, including pollinating wasps. Long bloom time.

Perennial; tends to start blooming second year. Grows 2-3’ high and at least as wide. Good native US medicinal with a nice, thymol fragrance. Grows in a range of conditions and soils, and can tolerate part shade and dry-ish soil.

Grown in the hot high desert SW, zone 8a, in marginally improved, very sandy clay using permaculture and organic, low-nitrogen methods.

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Looking for: Interested in plants/seeds that can grow in zone 8a, preferably. Especially plants for desert or hot regions. Interested in all sorts of plants useful in permaculture, unusual legumes and other nitrogen fixers, fragrant plants, vines of many sorts, heat tolerant veggies, and native SW plants.