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Zinnia, Persian Carpet - Zinnia haageana

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Lovely, long-flowering and just a little bit wild looking zinnia variety. Wide variety of color combinations in red, orange, pink, yellow, burgundy. Like with Sweet Williams, it’s very fun to go see the next color combo that appeared. The flowers also change colors as they mature.

Grows to a rounded 12-18” high plant and blooms until frost. Worked well under taller plants like corn, but also likes full sun.

Grown in the hot high desert SW, zone 8a, in marginally improved, very sandy clay using permaculture and organic, low-nitrogen methods.

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Looking for: Interested in plants/seeds that can grow in zone 8a, preferably. Especially plants for desert or hot regions. Interested in all sorts of plants useful in permaculture, unusual legumes and other nitrogen fixers, fragrant plants, heat tolerant veggies, and native SW plants.