Ben's Saturn peach guild

Created by: ben on 2020-10-19 • List type: guild • Visibility: Public

This guild is food-producing. It is built around a Saturn peach. All plants are added to protect, help and nurture the peach.

Why this guild works

The Saturn peach is placed on a east facing wall in the sunniest part of the garden to get the best possible heat. Peaches tend to get leaf curl in my zone (7b, Berlin, Germany).

This is why I’ve added a Horseradish since the plant nursery told me this is beneficial for the general health of the peach tree and helps it being more resilient.

The Siberian pea shrub helps fixing nitrogen into the soil and creating mulch.

The Nana Mint was growing accidentally, I guess through some compost but I think it is a great addition since the mint is aromatic and keeps pests away. It is also good for ground cover so this brought me to the idea to transplant some strawberry runners around the peach too, to help with the ground cover quicker.


Food-producing. It creates a great summer dessert: Peach & Strawberry salad with Mint.

Plant Type Note
Siberian pea shrub