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Rubus spectabilis is a shrub growing to 1–4 m (40–160 inches or 1.3–13.3 feet) tall, with perennial, not biennial woody stems that are covered with fine prickles. The leaves are trifoliate (with three leaflets), 7–22 cm (2.8–8.8 inches) long, the terminal leaflet larger than the two side leaflets. The leaf margins are toothed. The flowers are 2–3 cm (0.8–1.2 inches) in diameter, with five pinkish-purple petals; they are produced from early spring to early summer. The berries ripen from early May to late July in most of the Pacific Northwest (later in cooler climates), and resembles a large shiny yellow to orange-red blackberry 1.5–2 cm (0.6–0.8 inches) long with many drupelets. These are eaten by many birds and other animals. #### Links [Salmonberry @ Plants For A Future]( spectabilis)

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