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What I want to grow in 2021

by ben β€’ 13 plants

East garden, zone 5, 2022

by simon β€’ 12 plants

Trees whose benefits are both ecological and financial, and support a higher level of self-sufficiency

by seedtostart β€’ 11 plants


by winfree β€’ 2 plants

cactus guild

by joy β€’ 2 plants

Have, propagate

by joy β€’ 25 plants


by joy β€’ 7 plants

Have, don't encourage

by joy β€’ 9 plants

Damp, soggy

by joy β€’ 1 plant

Kelowna container garden 2021

by simon β€’ 14 plants

2021 Planting sketch

by ossi β€’ 25 plants

My Nutritower

by matnutritower β€’ 3 plants

Plants for green manure / cover crops

by ben β€’ 14 plants

Wish List

by carriebird β€’ 6 plants

Tomato Centerpiece Guild

by nolaandy β€’ 6 plants

Greenhouse plants - temperate rainforest (zone 7b)

by simon β€’ 5 plants

Good for containers

by ben β€’ 19 plants

seeds in stock

by tina β€’ 18 plants

Native to upstate NY

by humblebumble0 β€’ 8 plants

Bunny's Garden Wish List

by bunnysgarden β€’ 4 plants

Grown in my apartment

by skirata35 β€’ 4 plants

ailanthus' for trade

by ailanthus β€’ 11 plants


by johnallar β€’ 2 plants

"GrΓΌne Oase" seedling project 2021 (cs)

by tina β€’ 11 plants


by ben β€’ 31 plants

Juglone tolerant trees

by simon β€’ 19 plants

test list

by ossi β€’ 9 plants

perma garden

by gabslvpum β€’ 8 plants


by gabslvpum β€’ 4 plants

the definitive list for 2021

by ben β€’ 7 plants

Displaying lists 1 - 30 of 130 in total