Heartleaf oleaster

Elaeagnus cordifolia


The heartleaf oleaster, also known as Elaeagnus cordifolia, is a plant native to East Asia. It is a shrub with shiny, oval-shaped leaves that have a heart-like shape. The leaves are typically green on the top and silver on the bottom. The plant produces small, white flowers that bloom in the spring.

The heartleaf oleaster can grow up to six feet tall and spreads quickly through its root system. It is known for its ability to tolerate a range of growing conditions, from dry to moist soils. It is winter hardy and can withstand temperatures down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heartleaf oleaster is not edible, but it does provide value for wildlife. The plant produces small, red berries that are attractive to birds and other wildlife. It can also be used as a windbreak or as a ground cover to prevent erosion.

In terms of cultivation, the heartleaf oleaster prefers well-draining soil and full sun to partial shade. It can be grown from seeds or through root cuttings. To ensure successful growth, it is important to regularly prune the plant to control its spread and maintain its shape.


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