Horseradish Tree

Moringa oleifera


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Deciduous fast growing tree, up to 3 meters in the first year. Hight up to 10-12 meters. Trunk diameter of 45 cm. Short lifespan up to 20 years. Bark is of greyish color. Young sprouts are purple or light green. Tree top is open with an umbrella configuration. It´s branches are fragile and break easily. Leafs are rounded and emerge at the same level on the branches. Flowers are creamy colored, bisexual and composed of five petals of differnt sizes. They grow from smaller branches in groups of 10-25 cm in length. The fruit is long, with three sides. Initially green, they turn light brown as they mature. Thay can measure 20-45 cm and can have 12-25 seeds. The seeds are rounded, brown and have white “wings” that help disperse the seeds in the air and through waterways. It has a strong and long main root, which is tuberose and thick. Lateral roots are also thick and extensive. Very tolerante to dry climates, but with lack of rain and irrigation, will lose it´s leafs during drought longer than 2-3 months.


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