Phyla nodiflora


Frogfruit, also known as Phyla nodiflora, is a perennial plant native to the eastern and southern United States. It is often found in wet, marshy areas and is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions. Frogfruit is a low-growing plant, with leaves that are hairy and oval-shaped. Its stem is typically hairy as well. The plant produces small, white flowers that are often visited by insects.

In terms of cultivation, frogfruit is relatively easy to grow and is tolerant of drought and poor soils. It is a fast-growing plant and can be propagated by dividing the root mass or by planting stem cuttings. Frogfruit is not winter hardy, so it should be grown in areas with mild winters or brought indoors during the colder months.

Frogfruit is not known to be edible, and there is no information available on its potential medicinal uses. However, it is often used in landscaping as a ground cover or in areas where erosion control is needed. It can also provide habitat for a variety of wildlife, including birds and insects.

Close-up of a flowering frogfruit.
🔗   Close-up of a flowering frogfruit.


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