Our garden 2020

created by ben on 2020-08-12

A list of all plants we have in our garden in the 2020 season.

Image Name Actions
Sage Sage Show
Goumi Goumi Show
Thyme Thyme Show
Maximilian sunflower Maximilian sunflower Show
Common Sunflower Common Sunflower Show
Zucchini Zucchini Show
Squash Squash Show
Common bean (climbing/pole) Common bean (climbing/pole) Show
Pea Pea Show
Nana spearmint Nana spearmint Show
Saturn peach Saturn peach Show
Common Evening-Primrose Common Evening-Primrose Show
Sweet cherry Sweet cherry Show
Garlic Garlic Show
Onion Onion Show
Jerusalem artichoke Jerusalem artichoke Show
Lettuce Lettuce Show
Strawberry Strawberry Show
Tomato Tomato Show
White mulberry White mulberry Show
Siberian pea shrub Siberian pea shrub Show
Parsley Parsley Show
Hazelnut Hazelnut Show
Tayberry Tayberry Show
Blackberry Blackberry Show
Savoy cabbage Savoy cabbage Show
Brussel Sprouts Brussel Sprouts Show
Jalapeño Chili Jalapeño Chili Show
Peruvian Rocoto Peruvian Rocoto Show