Common Silverweed

Argentina anserina


Argentina anserina is also known as Potentilla anserina. It is a prolific plant that sends out deep storage roots on long red stems. Its common name is Common Silverweed, as their leaves tend to be coated in hairs that give a silvery appearance, though the predominance of these hairs vary greatly. There is evidence that the hairs are responsible for trapping condensation in the early morning, so a lack of it could indicate a higher moisture environment. The leaves grow in opposite pairs into a distinctive feather-like pattern, with each leaflet being serrated.

The deep storage roots are also edible. They have a higher density of carbohydrates than potatoes and were used in times past in many cultures as a staple crop (Scotland being a notable example). Some cultures still consume them regularly.

The young leaves can be used sparingly in salads and older leaves can be used as a herbal tea.

The plant is noted in scientific literature to be beneficial to the digestive system, especially the colon - a fact that has been known in herbal lore in many cultures for a long time.

Common Silverweed prefers moist areas so are often found in the wild near areas of water. They can tolerate more salinity than the average β€œweed” so are often spotted in hostile locations on coasts.

Argentina anserina in NW United Kingdom
πŸ”—   Argentina anserina in NW United Kingdom


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