Common bean (climbing/pole)

Phaseolus vulgaris
Prefers full sun
pole bean, climbing bean


This entry describes all climbing varieties of the common bean. The common bean is an annual plant and includes a lot of varieties with a different names depending on their style of growths (see alternate names). These include the kidney bean, the navy bean, the pinto bean, and the wax bean.


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companion to: Beet, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Carrot, Chard, Common Grape Vine, Corn, Cucumber, Eggplant, Kale, Lettuce, Marigold, Marjoram, Okra, Parsley, Parsnip, Potato, Rosemary, Sage, Savoy cabbage, Spinach, Squash, Tomato

antagonist to: Chives, Garlic, Leek, Onion, Shallot

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